Writing It Right

I wrote a song last night, the first one I have managed to actually complete all year. I usually assume I have pretty much spent most of my songwriting abilities and now express myself in various other forms of writing. Now and again I prove myself wrong. Now and again I realise there is a specific mood, an opinion, an overwhelming sense of injustice or simply a sense of need that can only be sufficiently interpreted through lyrics and music.

Last night’s song was an attempt to capture the conflicting and potentially destabilising thoughts and emotions that clobbered me from Friday morning onwards but there are also fragments inspired by a conversation with a friend on Wednesday evening and by things I have been blogging about or reading in the blogs of others.

It’s not an especially happy-happy, joy-joy song, as might be expected from my last couple of posts, but I deliberately shoved aside my first instinct when it came to the song’s only really repeated refrain. Instead of the defeatist sentiment that first came to mind and began to shape into words I intentionally wanted to leave it more open. It’s still an acknowledgement that I’m possibly out of step with much of the world (well when was that not the case?) but I can tell I have retained that little bit more defiance than the original lines would have contained.

Anyway, how boring of me to bleat on about my own lyrical process. I guess I’m just satisfied that sometimes I can still throw a song down into shape and hurl its noises at the world for my own entertainment when the ground beneath me feels unsteady. Go me!

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6 responses to “Writing It Right

  1. Go you! And incidentally, ‘wake me up before you go…go…,

  2. ern

    Think yourself lucky. I’ve never been able to write a song, despite all the songs in me.

  3. Now that’s what I call damn fine news. X

  4. Tiffany Coffman


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